Performance Highlights

Social Media Marketing- EEP

Instagram- fastest growing platform!

  • Total Followers- 1,755
  • Follower increase since Jan. 1, 2018- 93.7% (851 new followers)
  • Engagement per post: 10%!
    (Good engagement considered 3%)


  • Total Followers- 22,300
  • Top Organic Reach- 3,300
  • Avg. Reach per post- 200-500
  • Engagement per post: 4.5%
    (good engagement is considered 1-2%)


  • Total Followers- 1,020
  • Potential Reach: 570,000+
  • Supplements the efforts of the other two platforms with an emphasis on PR media

Social Media Marketing Case Studies - Client Growth

Client 1: New EEP client- 3 Month Stats

  • Facebook follower growth- 2%
  • Instagram follower growth- 100%
  • Twitter follower growth- 100%

Post Performance

  • Stabilized platforms with consistent posting
    (increased number of posts on all 3 channels by over 100%)
  • Facebook Engagement per post- 5.5%
    (Good engagement is considered 1-2%)
  • Total Reach per post- 1,248
    (15% of follower base, “good followership” is 10%)
  • Instagram Engagement- 8.8%
    (Good engagement considered 3%)

Client 2:  EEP Client Special Project

Goals – Establish stronger platforms in Instagram and Twitter. Increase the full-page readership and click thru rate on the e-newsletter. Complete a study on new revenue channels so as to not be as weather dependent. 

  • Facebook follower growth- 2.8% (2,430 followers)
  • Instagram follower growth- 100% (209 followers)
  • Twitter follower growth- 5.3%

Post Performance

  • Stabilized platforms with consistent posting
  • Client wanted to keep control of Facebook, but needed main support on Instagram and Twitter
  • Instagram Engagement- 12.4%
    (Good engagement considered 3% on this platform)
  • By leveraging hashtags and a new strategy for this account, EEP increased the followers of the client from 220 to 429. A 100% increase which led to more visibility and engagement.

Accomplished Goals

  • Post stats show a stabilization and growth within the platforms along with great engagement
  • Helped client consolidate email lists into 1 for data collection
  • Increased click rates of e-newsletter 5x (2% to 10%+)  
  • Provided 4 ideas to explore going into 2019 to supplement the main businesses during off times (Client is a weather dependent business)
    • Institute Sponsors/ Ad space
    • Rent the space during the day (ex. Flea Market)
    • Gave research on audience that the client was unaware of and how they can exploit that for a shift in marketing.

Additional Marketing Opportunities

Representing Our Members

EEP participated in a 4-month VTC Tourism Blitz at the Clear Brook (I-81) Welcome Center that wraps up at the end of September.

All 4 brands (GoBRT, Taste, Kids Trail, and Blue Ridge Bride) partners were represented with great success.

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