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Digital Disruption - Some Transformation Required
Technology plays a critical role in how organizations evolve to meet the needs of their customers. Today the commoditization of hardware, software, and digital services in the cloud, coupled with ubiquitous Internet connectivity and ever-more advanced capabilities in lower-cost connected devices, is driving unprecedented technical innovation and organizational change.

This is not a typical digital transformation talk. While some time will be spent discussing what experts agree digital transformation is, more time will be spent exploring some of the technologies enabling this transformation. Attendees will go beneath the current headlines on cloud, the mobile web (progressive web applications), machine learning, and augmented reality and learn some practical ways to unlock value for their companies, no matter where they are on their digital journey.

Doing business in the App Economy
The app economy is at the intersection of several mega trends, from augmented reality to big data and machine learning, which are transforming industries and enabling new business models. In this session, we will review the latest trends in the app economy and highlight some of the factors that can lead to success. Participants will learn about a variety of Apple tools, resources and best practices for small and medium sized enterprises.

How do you incorporate what you've heard today to your business?
You will have the chance to ask the speakers from the morning session about how you can incorporate the technology they spoke about into your business.

Virtual Reality - Session Explanation

Virtual Reality Skill Lab Simulator
Coming soon!

Break Out Sessions

These break out sessions are designed to assist the attendees with the marketing trends that they will need in 2020. These are question and answer sessions offering top leading panelists to enrich the discussion.

2 PM Session-

How to work with the SU School of Business
In today's competitive job market, activities beyond the classroom are crucial to student success after graduation. Internships and other experiential learning activities offer students the opportunity to gain real, hands-on experience in their field of interest. During this session, you will hear from Theresa Golding and Corrie Eaton, both of whom work directly with students throughout their academic career at SU. You'll learn how creating partnerships with the Byrd School of Business and their students can be mutually beneficial to all involved!

Learn how to get ROI Conversion with Facebook Sponsored Ads

Every business wants new, high quality clients. Gaining new clients starts with finding those interested in your products and services and ultimately, having them provide you with their names and contact information. The majority of people in your local community are on Facebook... you should be too... and not only that, you should be paying Facebook to find these people for you. Boosting posts isn't enough. We need to plan a structured process of what our ads looks like, what they say and most importantly, what happens when someone clicks on your ad. This breakout session will show you how to leverage Facebook ads and any associated apps (Google Sheets, Clickfunnels, Zapier, Sideline, Mailchimp, and Acuity Scheduler) in a financially responsible way to help grow your business. You won't only learn why and how to leverage these apps, you will learn how to calculate your ROI on every single dollar spent on Facebook unlike traditional media outlets. Bring your pen and paper, you're going to want to take notes.

    Photography Tips: How to take great pictures with your phone
    The technology we all carry in our phones allows us to capture professional-type photos with the right knowledge and eye for current trends. Modern phone cameras have incredible flexibility to accommodate beginners and experts alike. Explore their ability to capture the candid moments of your business as well as showcasing your products, employees, and customers. Bring your smartphone and be ready to upload some apps that help you compose, edit, and post quality content for your business.


    3 PM Session- 

    Cool tools for Social Media Engagement
    Social Media expert Tessa Gordon and Communication Professor Kelley Crowley will lead a mini
    - workshop on how to master the many free video and graphic apps used on most social media platforms. Bring your cell phones, iPads, or computer to try out these fun and effective communication tools.


    Do you have dedicated time for Social Media? Learn why you should.
    Businesses today are faced with multiple challenges and it can be hard to prioritize marketing when overall management is your main concern. When you, the business owner or manager get caught up in “putting out the fire” of different situations that arise, social media and other duties can be put on the back-burner. 

This session that will be led by the Encore Elite Partners Team will try to show you the importance of Social Media for your brands image and overall marketing success. You will also learn outsourcing options if you determine you have little to no extra time to devote to this important initiative.


    Closing Panel: How to merge Modern and Traditional Marketing
    Wrapping up the day will be a panel of leading media and businesses here in the Shenandoah Valley to discuss Traditional Media and Technology - A 21st Century Marketing Marriage.

    Note: Bring your Smartphone, computer, or tablets to take notes and interact with the speakers of these great breakout sessions.

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